Next generation
VFX studio operation platform.

SOKO is an AI-powered tools for VFX project automation, improving whole process from biding to billing seamlesly integrating with existing pipelines.

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For years, creative teams have used a patchwork of tools for biding, work planing, file transfers, and tracking the progress. SOKO VFX brings everything — and everyone — together in one place.

Smart bidding

Effortless estimation powered by AI

SOKO helps you estimate the cost and time required for shots and assets based on historical data

Next Generation scheduler

Stay on track with smart automated scheduling

SOKO prioritizes the most important work and figures out who is best suited for each task

Project management Autopilot

Empower your team with instant task updates

SOKO ensures that people don't have to wait for a manager and automatically updates the status of related tasks depending on the published output

Automated actions

Boost productivity by automated workflows

SOKO actions may include tasks such as exports, file conversions, and uploading outputs to customers

Remote collaboration

Publish remotely, sync locally

Remote artists can use SOKO to publish files, which are then automatically synced to local storage.