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New deep tech video processing utilities and robotic VFX tools appear daily. The problem we solve is: How to incorporate these utilities into VFX industry processes and maximize the benefits of their usage.

Automate everything

day-to day task planning

Plan all your projects and schedule tasks in just ONE CLICK.

SOKO presents a smart AI planner, always prioritizing the most important tasks

Secure & Cloud

remote work VFX platform

Build in AI pipeline and industry standard software integrations, easy customization, with no need to hire extra pipeline developers.

Work smart with AI video processing, Work with SOKO VFX

Incorporate Machine learning and artificial intelligence tools into your daily routine

Virtual VFX studio

The only management tool Visual studios ever need, automates collaboration with remote artists.

Soko is cloud based

Start using SOKO VFX, the ultimate tool for VFX project management and ready made VFX pipeline.

We tested it on dozens of VFX projects from commercials through TV series and Hollywood quality motion pictures to 26 episodes of animated series

Automatic Rotoscoping


Auto-roto tools are great for color corection, camera tracking garbage mats or temp roto for slap coms, while you are waiting for final outsourced roto to come in.

With SOKO VFX you will get auto-roto integrated directly in to you project management interface and iniciate this tool just by click of the button.

AI based tracking solution

You can utilize it on both: camera match-moving and object tracking of a person.

Let artificial intelligence make first previews, or apply it on repetitive tasks. With SOKO you can apply it again and again, until outcome definition is not clear enough, so VFX artist can fine-tune last details.

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    One-stop-shop cloud based VFX machines, software and licenses

    Automated project planner - priority, task asignments etc.

    The most advanced work-load importer

    Automated quality checks

    Build-in pipeline tutorials for quick onboarding

    The fast bidding software on the market

    Build-in VFX task templates

    Task dependency management

    Ready made plugins for industry standard sofwtare tools