Remote work tool for

VFX Studios

Brings footage availability for remote artistssecure file access management, smart content dependencies sync, and more.

Next gen.

project management

Top-notch organization of many files, tasks, artists, outputs, and versions. Soko works on premise or in the cloud. 

Out of the box


Build in pipeline and industry standard software integrations, easy customization, with no need to hire extra pipeline developers.

Plan all your projects just by ONE CLICK

SOKO presents smart planner, allways prioritizing the most important tasks

Right work for right artist

Do you know the hidden skills of your artists? Planner assign the work to the artist with propper skills, based on availability, experience, price etc.

Cross-project prioritization

Running few paralel projects – can you say in real time what is the most important think to do right now? SOKO Planner can.

Dedline is the king

If it is imposible to fit the dedline, planner identify critical tasks and conflicts to solve inmediatelly VFX manager can act preemptivly

Much more than just remote work

You will find ergonomic and optimized  and pre-configured user environment. Everything is desing in purpose to minimize workload and deliver bids, plans, reports and outcomes faster.

We reinvent dependencies of task and their outputs, to automate everything. 

You can customize views, attributes, define custom statuses, and easily configure your own project templates.

Your VFX business will be so much easier to run with SOKO

Automated project planner - priority, task asignments etc.

The most advanced work-load importer

Fast and precise bidding process

Pre-build real life VFX task templates

Task dependency management

Ready made plugins for industry standard sofwtare tools